Things to do in Milan

Milan is a metropolitan city with a thousand faces, and is known as Italy’s fashion capital. It is a fascinating city that perfectly combines history and modernity.

Indeed, if on the one hand it offers historic, artistic and cultural attractions of all types, on the other, we also have a city that buzzes by night, famous for its fashionable clubs, restaurants, shows and night-life that is among the most important in Italy.

Just take a walk through the city centre and you will be face to face with the spires of the Duomo, and we recommend a visit to its terraces, and then a just a few short steps away is the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II ideal for an afternoon’s shopping, a quick snack and of course, the essential visit to the bull, thought to bring luck to those who walk on it. 

Another essential location to visit is the Sforzesco Castle and the streets of Brera, a district in the city centre, home to the Academy of Fine Arts and, every third Sunday in the month, the flea market in Via Fior Chiari, where art and antiques dealers can be found.  

And of course, football fans can’t miss out on a visit to Milan’s San Siro Stadium.